Pain in your hands or feet can be truly debilitating, making it difficult to take part in daily activities or even sleep at night. Often this kind of pain is chronic, the result of longstanding imbalances that can be very difficult for some medical providers to diagnose and treat. Many people go from doctor to doctor, trying a whole range of treatments, medications, and painkillers, but they are still unable to rid themselves of their nagging, distracting pain.

Because they focus on how the neurological, muscular, and skeletal systems interrelate throughout the entire body, chiropractors can often succeed in treating chronic pain where other medical professionals fail. Dr. Marsh at Associates Chiropractic Clinic is a leading spinal and extremity pain chiropractor in Medicine Hat, AB. He works hard to help patients get to the source of their affliction and find the relief from pain that they have long been seeking.

Our therapeutic services are focused not on the superficial and temporary treatment of symptoms using medication or painkillers but on realigning the bodies systems so that permanent relief is truly achieved. Often the source of numb or aching fingers can be traced back to a tense neck that is constricting nerve pathways, a problem that Dr. Marsh can resolve through careful therapy.

The injury prevention and chronic pain treatment therapies that our clinic provides make a huge difference in individuals’ lives by reducing or eliminating pain, improving posture, and increasing flexibility. If you are suffering from pain in your hands, feet, or joints, there is no reason to put up with it any longer.

Contact the staff at Associates Chiropractic Clinic in Medicine Hat, AB, and book your consultation today with Dr. Marsh.


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